Thai Yoga Therapy training by LekSpa




150 hours  of Thai Yoga  Massage 

training certificate in Thailand


16 days 15 nights packages for 150 hours of Thai Yoga massage training certificate.

Your experiences included

1. Daily yoga  and Meditation.

2. Traditional Thai massage  class   150  hours with UTTS   the union of Thai medicine from Thailand society  certificate.

3. Local Thai lunch.

4. 15 nights  accommodation are included 


Pricing / person

16 days training  $1199 / person  single room  

                                      $ 899/person for  share room with 2

                                     $719/person for share room with 3 

Training location

- The Laguna Beach Resort Pattaya, Thailand

Interested please contact : for more information 


   20% for reserve spot  paid by  PayPal to or contact directly.

*Non refundable